Bagging Unit | Discover the Benefits

Technical Data | Requirements and Installation

Advantages of the Bagging Unit

  • Optimize Costs:
    • Sealing 1 load airtight becomes profitable! Ideal for optimizing feed rations.
  • Enhance Quality:
    • Your bulk goods are packed clean and airtight; minimal loss of content and quality.
  • Choose Convenience:
    • The trailer only needs to arrive at the location, the Bagging Unit does the rest!
  • Reduce Environmental Impact:
    • Released moisture is not absorbed into the ground.
  • Versatile Use:
    • Packs any bulk goods, anywhere. Even packs multiple loads in one bag: the Bagging Unit can be deployed on-site.

Technical Data

The Bagging Unit, with a total weight of 1450 kilograms, is a compact and light solution. The machine is powered by two hydraulic motors, sprockets, and duplex chains.

Some technical highlights:

  • All bearings are lubricated: easily accessible in one central location.
  • The augers that press the trailer's contents into the bag rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • The Bagging Unit is equipped with a lighting bar.
  • The Bagging Unit is delivered in standard RAL colors; however, customer-specific colors are possible!
  • Thermal galvanizing is also an option.

We are happy to answer all your (technical) questions. You can contact us by phone or in writing via the Contact page.

Installation Operation

The installation is simply done on the bumper or in the mainframe of the trailer, using two pins.
We find the best method for each trailer!

Our professionals work closely with your trailer builder to ensure that your trailer meets the technical requirements. Once all provisions are in place, it’s just plug and play for you!

Technical Requirements

Your truck must be equipped with:

  • Mounting options in consultation with us.
  • A double pump. Minimum 200 bar for optimal operation. Minimum output is 80 liters per minute.


If you have specific requirements, please contact us to discuss the possibilities with our engineers to come to a total solution.

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