Bagging Unit | Trailer Installation

Deliver efficiently, sustainably, and airtight:

with the Bagging Unit, you can!


Bagging Unit | Total Solution

The Bagging Unit is a total solution for delivering, transporting, and storing animal feed, brewers' grains, and other bulk goods.

An innovative machine by Luteijn Metaalbewerking.

How does the Bagging Unit work?

‘Bagging’ speaks for itself: packaging in a bag. That is exactly what this lightweight machine does:
the Bagging Unit compresses your trailer content directly into a large plastic bag.
Unprofitable deliveries are a thing of the past!
Our experts mount the compact machine on the back of your walking floor trailer.


Discover the benefits of the Bagging Unit for you:

  • The Bagging Unit is multifunctional; it packages any bulk goods, anywhere. It can even package multiple loads in one bag: the Bagging Unit can be set down on location.
  • Reduce costs; airtight packaging of a load becomes profitable! Perfectly suitable for optimizing feed rations.
  • and much more ....

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